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These are interesting links to members pages or Community Resource Groups. 

The listed resources are informational only.

Congregation of the Great Spirit is not affiliated with any listed organization.

The recovery Village assists native Americans with all forms of substance abuse issues. To learn more on how they can help you or someone you love, please visit: 

Wisconsin troubadour David HB Drake has spent over thirty years presenting concerts at fine arts centers, festivals, schools, community centers and concert stages throughout the Midwest. This panorama of history, natural beauty and discovery is performed on guitar, concertina, dulcimer, banjo, and Native American Flute.  David is regularly seen at festivals and tourism sites such as Irish Fest, Bastille Days, County Fairs and local Festivals, Old World Wisconsin and Milwaukee's Pier Wisconsin.

    To learn more about David, Please visit:

Social Justice Group with CGS

We invite you to share in our mission of working for universal social justice, focusing on such themes as environmental issues, peaceful hearts, and healthcare within a Native American context. If you're not currently a member of our church, The Congregation of The Great Spirit, we'd like to take this opportunity to invite you to one of our weekly services. .



Tuck Sleep is a community devoted to improving sleep hygiene, health, and wellness through the creation and dissemination of comprehensive, unbiased, free web-based resources. Please visit us at:



Addiction Group is dedicated to help individuals suffering from substance abuse and prevent new cases through credible information and spreading awareness to as many as we can reach. Every fact-based piece of content is written by journalists or medical professionals. Also, we have no affiliations to any rehab centers, we aren’t sponsored, and we display no advertisements on our website. For more information, please visit our website at:



We are a group of medical professionals dedicated to helping people with substance abuse disorders find the help they need. The vast majority of people who need treatment for substance abuse disorders do not seek it. Though there are many barriers that discourage people from getting the help they need, cost is a significant factor.

To help address this challenge, we created a guide that provides comprehensive information on topics like, available care options, financial support, and free resources that are available in Wisconsin.

Please visit our links below to learn more about these opportunities


Since last year, many people have developed new addictions and relapsed into old ones. Please visit the link below to see our free web guide about drugs, alcohol, addiction, and recovery. We do not treat addiction, but believe that awareness is empowering.


      To learn more about the options we offer, please visit us at:                    


Adderall, also known as Dextroamphetamine is often abused by women and college students. There are many long-term effects of abusing this drug such as hypertension, dependency, and even organ failure. For this reason, it is critical to do all we can to inform professors as well as young people about the realities of substance use disorder. 

For more information, please visit our website at:

At, we provide expert information for individuals and families struggling to find recovery by vetting and researching rehab centers. Our site makes it easy to find the top five centers in your home state or out of state. We also provide information for different community needs, such as help for our veterans, LGBTQ+ friendly programs, free or Medicaid accepting treatment, and pet-friendly facilities. 

We recognize the importance of educating yourself during your

recovery journey, and so we pride ourselves in providing

free educational guides that answer questions such as:

  • Can Marijuana Treat Postnatal Depression?

  • Telltale Symptoms of Children Using Drugs

  • How to Identify the Early Signs of Mental Health Issues


For more information, please visit our website at:

New Mouth
  • Dental awareness is a year-round thing 

  • Patients are searching for more than just healthcare, they want an all around experience. That's why our team includes dentists and medical writers to give you better insight into your care

  • Managing sleep apnea can help prevent nighttime teeth grinding and clenching

  • Sleep bruxism can cause people to awaken feeling tired and unrefreshed, sometimes with headaches or neck and jaw pain

  • Bruxism affects at least 20 percent of the population 

 For more information, please visit our page at:

Mental Health Resources

A mental health resource center provides mental health counseling. More importantly, it also provides local mental health resources for individuals that are searching for mental health resources near me. It’s vital to take care of your mental health just as you would your physical health. 


A mental health resource center often offers treatment for all kinds of mental illnesses. With the right mental health counseling, you can begin to discover your true potential. 

For more information, please visit our website at:

Northern Illinois Recovery Center

We are a Northern Illinois rehab center offering multiple levels of treatment programs that are accessible and affordable. At Northern Illinois Recovery Center, our clients work on improving their lives and health while surrounded by a culture that focuses on achieving results. Through effective therapies administered by industry-leading specialists, we provide the outstanding drug rehab Northern IL and Chicago trusts.

For more information, please visit our website at:

Drug Rehab USA

Medically supervised Opioid detox gives you or your loved one the chance to get clean in a safe, secure and supportive environment. It offers round-the-clock monitoring from trained doctors and nurses, as well as a discreet and comfortable setting. 

If you are suffering from Opioid or other drug addictions, please visit our website for information on how to find a new path to recovery.

Sexual Assualt Awareness Guide

With the advent of ride sharing services like Uber and Lyft, the environment for sexual assault happening is ripe in these rides. There have been many cases, some especially tragic. For this reason, we have decided to make a comprehensive guide about sexual assault in ride sharing services where we included info about how to stay safe and options in case it happens. 

Please visit our website for more information:

The Carmelite Ministry of St. Teresa is an Apostolate of the Carmelite Sisters of the Divine Heart of Jesus Northern Province. The Provincial Motherhouse is based in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin and was established in 1916.


The Mission of the Carmelite Ministry of St. Teresa (CMST) is to provide a formation and enrichment program in the Carmelite tradition serving persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our goal is to empower individuals to grow and mature in their physical, emotional, social and spiritual lives.


Our new family style residential center includes living space for sixteen adult females.  The facility also offers ample community program space providing opportunities for evening and weekend activities including prayer, Mass, the Sacraments, arts and music classes.

                  To learn more, please visit our website at:                                       

Substance Abuse Treatment

Today, over 23 million Americans are addicted to drugs and alcohol and only 10% of those individuals seek treatment. Click this link to visit our site and learn ways to deal with this ongoing social issue.


                         Locate The Best Inpatient Drug Rehab Center:

Full and part time paid service jobs

We are a team of local volunteers who, earlier this year, launched a free jobs listing resource for charitable organizations in the greater Milwaukee region to post their job openings (because many job listing websites are too expensive for charities to use, and a similar website that many charities in the region used, Jobs That Serve, shut down at the end of the year). 


We have had a tremendous response from local charities (including many faith-based non-profit organizations), and currently have over 250 open jobs posted by charities in the region. They provide critical services to our community, and we want to make sure that all of their open jobs are getting the attention and candidates they need. Please visit us at:


A community based program designed to meet the emotional needs of the community that might have been emotionally impacted by COVID-19. Trained crisis counselors are available to help people within the Milwaukee community better understand their situation and reactions, assist in the review of their options, provide emotional support, and encourage linkage with resources.


Please visit us at:



Alcohol Rehab Help is an informational web guide created for people struggling with alcohol use disorders (AUD) and co-occurring mental health disorders. Not only do we offer information on Alcohol Use Disorder, but we also have comprehensive information regarding treatment options.


      To learn more about the options we offer, please visit us at:           


     To learn more about the debilitating effects of alcohol and its effects on the body, please visit: 





We have many resources in all 50 states, and we work to help elderly citizens seeking assistance with housing, financial, food, rental,  transportation, medical and other daily life needs.  


To learn more, please visit our website at: 


Recovery from addiction isn’t something you can do alone, and oftentimes, it’s much harder to get understanding on what you’re going through from those who have not suffered from a similar affliction.


There are a lot of myths surrounding the 12 Step Program, but we’ve created a free detailed informational guide that includes:


The history of the program

The different types of 12 Step Programs

The 12 Step Program traditions

Why the 12 Step Programs are effective 


To learn more, please visit our website at:

Riverside Recovery

At Riverside Recovery we strive to build awareness around the importance of promoting positive mental health and avoiding substance abuse. We  created a Resource Hub to help people understand mental health, substance abuse, recovery, and additional topics.

The purpose of our resource center is for informational purposes only. We've created many blog posts throughout the years and thought this might be a great way to help communities nationwide share their experiences.  

Our resource center covers a variety of topics including:

  • recovery

  • relapse prevention

  • interventions

  • family support

  • mental health resources


To learn more, please visit our website at:

Adderall / Alcohol Rehab

Even though doctors usually prescribe Adderall to treat ADHD, this prescription drug is not without side effects. 

Adderall can also be harmful to your health. Its side effects on the body range from mild issues like insomnia and loss of appetite to more severe issues like heart attack, seizures, and mental health disorders.

To learn more about this and other addictions, please visit our website at:

HealthMatch / Insomnia Solutions

If you have trouble falling asleep or sleeping through the night, you may have a common sleep disorder called insomnia. This is likely to cause you to feel groggy or tired as if your sleep was poor quality. For information on how to deal with this common problem, please

visit our website at:

Internet Advisor

Today's internet world is full of threats. To help you understand these threats, we have compiled a Safety Guide designed to help you protect yourself in this environment.

To learn more, please visit our website at:

Vetrerans Rights Information

I think many of us can agree that knowledge is power. This is something we've noticed when working with our Veteran community, and how simply learning about their experiences can provide a sense of comfort. For that reason, we created this guide for individuals who feel as though they've been discriminated against and want to understand what their rights are, as well as their options of legal defense. 

Please visit the link below to learn more:

Smartphone Information and Risks

Smartphones have become a regular part of our daily lives.

Please visit our link below to learn more about how smartphones continue to grow in usage and the potential risks associated with this increased usage.

Disabled Veterans Information

In the United States in 2020, there were 4.7 million veterans with a service-connected disability — or a debilitating injury they incurred during active duty service and may face great challenges when they return home — challenges beyond the scope of their injuries. 

LegalFinder is a resource designed as a free informational resource for our often-forgotten veterans advising of legal rights and local assistance in these matters.

Why Disabled Veterans Experience Lack of Resources

  • Discrimination Against Disabled Veterans

  • Important Rights for Disabled Veterans 

  • National Resources to Help Bridge the Gap 


Please visit the link below to learn more about veterans challenges and options for assistance:,

Medicare Enrollment 
Informational Sites

The cost of a nursing home can overwhelm seniors and their families very quickly. While programs like Medicare, Medicaid, and in some cases both may be used to cover nursing home expenses, navigating and obtaining coverage can be challenging.


As a Medicare resource center (Note: we do not sell or provide healthcare plans), we’ve made it our mission to tackle these complicated issues to empower seniors and their families to learn about all available benefits, coverage, costs, and most importantly strategies to get access to financial support.


Please visit the links below to learn more about our guides:

Security and your Phone. Tips on how to stay safe.

Our digital world has opened up so many possibilities. We have pretty much all the information we could ever hope to have right at our fingertips, thanks to our phones. However, while phones give us so much, they also expose us to risks.

To make sure you're properly protected, we've put together this guide that outlines all the risks you face and how to keep you and your phone safe and secure.

Please visit our site below to learn more:

Harmony Ridge Recovery Center
The Discovery Institute
Sana Lake Behavioral Wellness

Addiction comes in many forms and affects millions of Americans daily negatively impacting their family, social, or professional lives.

To learn about paths to recovery and other addiction information, please visit any of our links below.

Fingerprint for Success

How to stop worrying:

9 tips to stop anxiety and stress in their tracks” 

Our site provides useful information about the root causes behind stress and anxiety, strategies to deal with it, and knowing when it’s time to seek more professional help.

For further reference and resource, please visit our site at:

Wisconsin Health Insurance
Find Affordable Plans

Navigating through affordable health insurance options for you and your family can be time-consuming and oftentimes complicated. As a patient resource (Note: we do not sell or provide healthcare plans), we developed a new guide, vetted by our experts, which provides accurate, easy-to-understand information on all of the affordable health insurance plans that Wisconsin has to offer. 


Our guide walks residents through the enrollment process, costs, and most importantly, Medicare options for seniors and people with disabilities.


To learn more, please visit us at:

Crestview Recovery
Informational only.
Facility is located in Portland, Oregon.

This site provides insights, guidance, and resources for individuals navigating mental health and substance use challenges.

The content offers information that covers a wide range of topics and provides insights and practical advice for individuals seeking assistance.

To learn more, please visit us at:

Resources for Better Sleep

Good sleep helps with mood, performance, and productivity.

Check out these free resources to learn how to optimize your sleep and sleep space to rest better, work better, and learn better.

Internet Security 

According to Google, 75% of Americans are still frustrated with password management. As a result, many people sacrifice convenience over security. In fact, 2 out of 3 Americans use the same password for multiple sites while about 60% of people use easy-to-guess passwords such as date of birth.

It’s these human behaviors that hackers tend to exploit allowing them to steal personal and financial information!!

For this reason, our team has created tools and resources to educate online users about password managers about the convenience and security many people are experiencing with a good password manager.

To learn more, please visit our website at:

Grants for Veterans,
Single Mothers & Felons

Our website provides comprehensive details on grants for veterans and single mothers. These grants are given away for free, and they could help low income veterans with bills, mortgage, rent, housing, college, and medications . 

For more information, or to apply please visit our website at:

Ensuring that seniors they have access to adequate support, services, and living arrangements is crucial for their well-being and overall quality of life. 

From caregiving to recommending living arrangements specific to the needs of seniors, we can help address some basic needs issues.


For more information, please visit our websites at:

Stay Honest.Org

Are you looking for a reliable resource to help parents and educators navigate the tricky topic of cannabis use among teenagers?

Our non-profit association,, has just the thing for you!


We've created a comprehensive guide for school parents and educators, titled "Talking to Your Teenagers About Cannabis." Our guide features insights from Mr. Tyler Reimer, a certified school counselor with 15 years of experience working with families in crisis, including substance abuse, anxiety, depression, and more.

To learn more, please visit our website at: 


Living with or caring for someone with memory or cognitive impairment comes with its own unique set of challenges. provides research-backed resources to guide caregivers and seniors in the early stages of memory impairment through the process of finding and obtaining the care

they need.

To learn more , please visit our website at:

Single Mothers Resource Information

Our site helps struggling low-income single mothers with finding/locating the grants they need. We have also tons of articles posted covering subjects like financial assistance, housing, childcare and paying bills.

For more information. please visit our website at:

Addiction Resources for College Students 

Many college students experience substance abuse due to stress and substance availability. Substance abuse can have a major impact on physical and mental health, but when you know the signs of addiction, you can seek help.

For more information, please visit us at:

The Mesothelioma Center

Older adults are learning more about cancers and other health risks that might affect them. Age is the most significant risk factor for developing cancer.

People 65 and older comprise 60% of all cancer patients. To raise awareness, we recently published a Seniors Guide to Cancer that covers topics like wellness tips, the importance of seeing a doctor, and preventive measures.

To learn more, please visit our websites at:

Mesothelioma is a cancer that is typically diagnosed in folks around the age of 65. Patients with this diagnosis may want to consider care options in palliative, hospice, and assisted living during the later stages of living with cancer.

These specialized types of care facilities help enhance quality of life by relieving pain, ensuring comfort, and providing crucial emotional support. By addressing diverse needs, palliative and hospice care improves the patient's well-being and overall cancer experience.


For more information, please visit us at:

Wisconsin Recovery Institute

Wisconsin Recovery Institute is located in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. We offer detox, residential treatment, and outpatient addiction services to men and women, 18 years and older. Our treatment program is particularly beneficial for adults seeking to break free from the grips of addiction and begin their recovery journey.

If you or someone you love is struggling with misusing substances, please visit our website to learn more about our treatment programs.

American Addiction Centers

African Americans experience more barriers to substance abuse treatment than any other racial group. The reasons for this are vast but we believe that by sharing valuable information, African Americans can learn about the different recovery options available and get help.

The resources below are medically reviewed and provide help to African Americans who may be struggling with drug or alcohol misuse:

Provides helpful statistics, looks at the differences in substance abuse patterns across the black population, and treatment options to consider.

African Americans may experience more barriers to treatment than other groups, this guide can help one become aware of payment options and how to find providers who understand the issues unique to this population.

Learn why culture, religion, race, social circles, socioeconomic status, and home environment can be a factor in how a person treats alcohol abuse.

Provides helpful statistics, looks at the differences in substance abuse patterns across the black population, and treatment options to consider.

Cognitive decline, deteriorating health, and limited mobility are just a few of the issues that come with aging, and that can make it harder for seniors to live independently. However, with proper preparation, appropriate home care services, and a strong network of support, seniors can thrive at home.

To help aging adults and their families navigate this option, we developed a resource that covers the programs, services, payment options, and providers for senior residents that are available in Wisconsin.

You can review our guides here:

Digital Citzenship Guide for Parents

This guide will help parents to raise children in a digital age and make them good digital citizens. It describes why digital literacy is so important for kids and what parents should do to reduce the possible risks as at each stage of growth.

To learn more, please visit our website at:

Addiction Recovery During
Higher Education

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, nearly 60% of college students use drugs and alcohol. Substance use among college students can diminish academic performance, reduce the likelihood of employment after graduation, and pose serious health risks.

Our guide helps students learn about which substances pose the greatest risks to them, the consequences of continuous usage, and steps to overcome addiction.

For more information, please visit our website at:

 "Liver Pain After Drinking"

Extended drinking habits can often result in minor or major damage to the liver..We offer insights in the following areas and more:

  • Causes of Sore Liver After Drinking

  • Liver Pain and Alcoholic Liver Disease

  • Symptoms of Alcohol-Related Liver Disease

  • When to See a Doctor for Liver Pain

For more information, please visit our website at: 


At some point in their later years, most older adults will need some type of senior care. Health challenges such as reduced mobility, complicated medication schedules, and reduced vision can make it unsafe for the adult to continue to live independently. While many people think of nursing homes when they think of residential care for seniors, assisted living can be a better option for seniors who need some assistance in their day-to-day lives but do not need regular medical care. 

To learn more about these options, please visit our website at:

Alcohol and Other Substance Abuse & Addiction Disorder Information
Charles River Recovery Center

These folks are based in Massachusetts, but the site offers very good information on many substance and alcohol related addictions. 

Please click here to learn more:

BOCA Recovery Center
Binge Eating Disorder Information

We all need food to stay healthy. But an ongoing binge eating disorder can cause many ill health effects and a decreased quality of life.

People with binge eating disorder can struggle in silence for years. They may try to stop dieting or binging, but they may feel unable to do so. Our site discusses the stages of this disorder, treatments and additional information..

For more information, please visit us at:

Substance Use Prevention Education

We're a non-profit organization providing education and resources to prevent substance abuse.

We created some great resources to help educate parents and guardians about Fentanyl.

  • Parent's Guide to Fentanyl: This comprehensive guide equips parents with valuable information, including tips, warning signs, and helpful videos/articles. It empowers parents to protect their children from the dangers of fentanyl and make informed decisions regarding substance use.

  • Protecting Children From Online Drug Dealers: This resource provides essential tools to safeguard children, including the "Emoji code" to identify online drug dealing, insights into the dark web, and other online safety measures

To learn more, please visit us at:

Telehealth Services

Telemedicine, also knows as telehealth, gives patients immediate access to medical services. It also can provide the necessary support when the patient is outside of a therapeutic atmosphere and needs help with a craving or trigger to use addictive substances.


Because telemedicine defies distance and time, it has a high potential for changing treatment and recovery for individuals experiencing substance use disorders. Telemedicine also gives medical personnel opportunities to increase contact with addiction patients during their treatment process.


To learn more, please visit us at:

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